Country Election for Date Status
Laos Laotian National Assembly 2021-02-21 Date not confirmed
Niger President 2021-02-21 Second Round if needed
Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos House of Assembly 2021-02-19 Confirmed
Central African Republic President 2021-02-14 Second Round if needed
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Parliament 2021-02-07 Date not confirmed
Ecuador Ecuadorian National Congress 2021-02-07 Confirmed
Ecuador President 2021-02-07 Confirmed
Trinidad and Tobago Tobago House of Assembly 2021-01-25 Confirmed
Portugal President 2021-01-24 Confirmed
Uganda President 2021-01-14 Held
Uganda Ugandan National Assembly 2021-01-14 Confirmed
Kyrgyzstan Referendum 2021-01-10 Confirmed
Kazakhstan Kazakh House of Representatives 2021-01-10 Held
Kyrgyzstan President 2021-01-10 Confirmed
United States of America US Senate 2021-01-05 Confirmed
Central African Republic Central African National Assembly 2020-12-27 Confirmed
Niger Nigerien National Assembly 2020-12-27 Held
Central African Republic President 2020-12-27 Confirmed
Niger President 2020-12-27 Held
Liberia Liberian Senate 2020-12-08 Confirmed
Ghana Ghanaian Parliament 2020-12-07 Confirmed
Ghana President 2020-12-07 Confirmed
Romania Romanian Chamber of Deputies 2020-12-06 Held
Venezuela Venezuelan National Assembly 2020-12-06 Confirmed
Romania Romanian Senate 2020-12-06 Held
Kuwait Kuwaiti National Assembly 2020-12-05 Confirmed
Burkina Faso Burkinabe National Assembly 2020-11-22 Confirmed
Burkina Faso President 2020-11-22 Confirmed
Burkina Faso Referendum 2020-11-22 Date not confirmed
Guam Non-Voting Delegate to US House of Representatives 2020-11-17 Held