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Recent and Upcoming Elections

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Upcoming Elections

Country Body Election Date
Lesotho Lesotho National Assembly Oct 7 2022 (d)
Austria President Oct 9 2022 (d)
Vanuatu Ni-Vanuatu Parliament Oct 13 2022 (d)
Slovenia President Oct 23 2022 (d)
Brazil President Oct 30 2022 (d)
Israel Israeli Knesset Nov 1 2022 (d)
United States of America US Senate Nov 8, 2022 (t)
United States of America US House of Representatives Nov 8, 2022 (t)
Bahrain Bahraini Council of Representatives Nov 12 2022 (d)
(d) Declared Election Start (t) Tentative Start

Recently Held Elections

Country Body Election Date
Brazil Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Oct 2, 2022
Brazil Brazilian Federal Senate Oct 2, 2022
Bulgaria Bulgarian National Assembly Oct 2, 2022
Brazil President Oct 2, 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina House of Representatives Oct 2, 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina Chairman of the Presidency Oct 2, 2022
Latvia Latvian Parliament Oct 1, 2022
Kuwait Kuwaiti National Assembly Sep 29, 2022
Italy Italian Senate Sep 25, 2022
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