Country Election for Date Status
Poland Polish Senate 2019-10-13 Confirmed
Poland Polish Sejm 2019-10-13 Confirmed
Mozambique Mozambican Assembly 2019-10-15 Confirmed
Mozambique President 2019-10-15 Confirmed
Gibraltar Gibraltarian Parliament 2019-10-17 Confirmed
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Cocos (Keeling) Islands Shire Council 2019-10-19 Confirmed
Bolivia Bolivian Chamber of Senators 2019-10-20 Confirmed
Switzerland Referendum 2019-10-20 Confirmed
Bolivia President 2019-10-20 Confirmed
Bolivia Bolivian Chamber of Deputies 2019-10-20 Confirmed
Switzerland Swiss National Council 2019-10-20 Confirmed
Canada Canadian House of Commons 2019-10-21 Confirmed
Botswana Botswana National Assembly 2019-10-23 Confirmed
Botswana President 2019-10-23 Date not confirmed
Argentina Argentinian Chamber of Deputies 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Haiti Haitian Chamber of Deputies 2019-10-27 Postponed
Uruguay Uruguayan Chamber of Representatives 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Argentina Argentinian Senate 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Oman Omani Consultative Assembly 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Argentina President 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Haiti Haitian Senate 2019-10-27 Postponed
Uruguay President 2019-10-27 Confirmed
Guinea-Bissau Referendum 2019-11-03 Date not confirmed
Spain Spanish Congress of Deputies 2019-11-10 Snap
Spain Spanish Senate 2019-11-10 Snap
Sri Lanka Referendum 2019-11-17 Confirmed
Belarus Belarusian Chamber of Representatives 2019-11-17 Confirmed
Papua New Guinea Referendum 2019-11-23 Postponed
Switzerland Referendum 2019-11-24 Confirmed
Namibia Namibian National Assembly 2019-11-27 Confirmed