Country Election for Date Status
Lesotho Lesotho National Assembly 2017-06-03 Confirmed
United Kingdom British House of Commons 2017-06-08 Snap
France National Assembly of France 2017-06-11 Confirmed
Albania Parliament of Albania 2017-06-18 Confirmed
France National Assembly of France 2017-06-18 Second Round if needed
Papua New Guinea National Parliament of Papua New Guinea 2017-06-24 Confirmed
Mongolia President 2017-06-26 Confirmed
Senegal Senegalese National Assembly 2017-07-02 Confirmed
Gabon Gabonese National Assembly 2017-07-29 Confirmed
Congo (Brazzaville) Congolese National Assembly 2017-07-31 Date not confirmed
Timor-Leste Timorese National Parliament 2017-07-31 Date not confirmed
Rwanda President 2017-08-04 Confirmed
Kenya Kenyan National Assembly 2017-08-08 Date not confirmed
Kenya Kenyan Senate 2017-08-08 Date not confirmed
Kenya President 2017-08-08 Date not confirmed
Singapore President 2017-08-27 Date not confirmed
Norway Norwegian Parliament 2017-09-11 Confirmed
Macau Chinese Legislative Council (Macau) 2017-09-17 Confirmed
New Zealand New Zealand House of Representatives 2017-09-23 Confirmed
Germany German Federal Diet 2017-09-24 Confirmed
Aruba Aruban Legislature 2017-09-30 Date not confirmed
Somaliland President 2017-10-10 Postponed
Somaliland Belizean House of Representatives 2017-10-10 Postponed
Liberia Liberian House of Representatives 2017-10-10 Confirmed
Liberia President 2017-10-10 Confirmed
Somaliland Somaliland House of Elders 2017-10-10 Postponed
Chile Chilean Chamber of Deputies 2017-11-19 Confirmed
Chile Chilean Senate 2017-11-19 Confirmed
Chile President 2017-11-19 Confirmed
Kyrgyzstan President 2017-11-19 Confirmed