Country Election for Date Status
Burundi Burundian National Assembly 2020-05-20 Confirmed
Burundi President 2020-05-20 Confirmed
Suriname Surinamese National Assembly 2020-05-25 Confirmed
Guyana Guyanese National Assembly 2020-05-30 Date not confirmed
Niue Niuean Assembly 2020-05-31 Confirmed
Saint Kitts and Nevis Kittitian and Nevisian National Assembly 2020-06-05 Confirmed
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Parliament 2020-06-20 Confirmed
Serbia Serbian National Assembly 2020-06-21 Postponed
Mongolia Mongolian State Great Hural 2020-06-24 Confirmed
Iceland President 2020-06-27 Confirmed
Dominican Republic Dominican Senate 2020-07-05 Confirmed
Croatia Croatian Assembly 2020-07-05 Date not confirmed
Dominican Republic President 2020-07-05 Confirmed
Dominican Republic Dominican Chamber of Deputies 2020-07-05 Confirmed
Malawi President 2020-07-07 Confirmed
Syrian Arab Republic Syrian People's Council 2020-07-19 Postponed
Belarus President 2020-08-09 Confirmed
Iran, Islamic Republic of Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly 2020-09-11 Postponed
New Zealand Referendum 2020-09-19 Confirmed
New Zealand New Zealand House of Representatives 2020-09-19 Confirmed
Jordan Jordanian House of Deputies 2020-09-30 Date not confirmed
Hong Kong Hong Kong Legislative Council 2020-09-30 Date not confirmed
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Supreme Council 2020-10-04 Confirmed
Lithuania Lithuanian Parliament 2020-10-11 Date not confirmed
Northern Cyprus President 2020-10-11 Postponed
Moldova, Republic of President 2020-10-31 Date not confirmed
Côte d'Ivoire Ivoirian National Assembly 2020-10-31 Date not confirmed
Georgia Georgian Parliament 2020-10-31 Confirmed
Galicia Parliament of Galicia 2020-10-31 Date not confirmed
Basque Country (part of Spain) Basque Parliament 2020-10-31 Date not confirmed