Country Election for Date Status
Kenya Kenyan Senate 2017-08-08 Date not confirmed
Kenya Kenyan National Assembly 2017-08-08 Date not confirmed
Kenya President 2017-08-08 Confirmed
Rwanda President 2017-08-04 Confirmed
Senegal Senegalese National Assembly 2017-07-02 Confirmed
Mongolia President 2017-06-26 Confirmed
Papua New Guinea National Parliament of Papua New Guinea 2017-06-24 Confirmed
France National Assembly of France 2017-06-18 Second Round if needed
Albania Parliament of Albania 2017-06-18 Confirmed
France National Assembly of France 2017-06-11 Confirmed
United Kingdom British House of Commons 2017-06-08 Snap
Lesotho Lesotho National Assembly 2017-06-03 Confirmed
Cayman Islands Cayman Legislative Assembly 2017-05-24 Confirmed
Iran President 2017-05-19 Held
Bahamas Bahaman House of Assembly 2017-05-10 Held
South Korea President 2017-05-09 Held
France President 2017-05-07 Held
Niue Niuean Assembly 2017-05-06 Confirmed
Algeria Algerian National People's Assembly 2017-05-04 Held
France President of France 2017-04-23 Held
Turkey Referendum 2017-04-16 Held
Gambia, The Gambian National Assembly 2017-04-06 Held
Ecuador President 2017-04-02 Held
Serbia President 2017-04-02 Held
Armenia Armenian National Assembly 2017-04-02 Held
Bulgaria Bulgarian National Assembly 2017-03-26 Held
Timor-Leste President 2017-03-20 Held
Netherlands Dutch Second Chamber 2017-03-15 Held
Micronesia Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia 2017-03-07 Held
Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom) Northern Ireland Assembly 2017-03-02 Held