Country Election for Date Status
Luxembourg Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies 2018-10-14 Held
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina House of Peoples 2018-10-07 Confirmed
Cameroon President 2018-10-07 Confirmed
Brazil Brazilian Federal Senate 2018-10-07 Confirmed
Brazil Brazilian Chamber of Deputies 2018-10-07 Confirmed
Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tomean National Assembly 2018-10-07 Held
Bosnia and Herzegovina President 2018-10-07 Confirmed
Brazil President 2018-10-07 Held
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina House of Representatives 2018-10-07 Confirmed
Gabon Gabonese National Assembly 2018-10-06 Confirmed
Latvia Latvian Parliament 2018-10-06 Held
Macedonia Referendum 2018-09-30 Confirmed
Maldives President 2018-09-23 Held
Switzerland Referendum 2018-09-23 Held
Swaziland Swazi House of Assembly 2018-09-21 Held
Sweden Swedish Parliament 2018-09-09 Held
Rwanda Rwandan Chamber of Deputies 2018-09-02 Held
Mauritania Mauritanian National Assembly 2018-09-01 Confirmed
Mali President 2018-08-12 Held
Zimbabwe Zimbabwean National Assembly 2018-07-30 Confirmed
Zimbabwe President 2018-07-30 Confirmed
Comoros Referendum 2018-07-30 Confirmed
Zimbabwe Zimbabwean Senate 2018-07-30 Confirmed
Mali President 2018-07-29 Confirmed
Cambodia Cambodian National Assembly 2018-07-29 Confirmed
Pakistan Pakistani National Assembly 2018-07-25 Confirmed
Mexico Mexican Chamber of Deputies 2018-07-01 Held
Mexico Mexican Senate 2018-07-01 Held
Mexico President 2018-07-01 Held
Turkey Grand National Assembly of Turkey 2018-06-24 Held